More Public Secrets

(Ken Knabb’s Writings Since 1998)


Lulu’s Public Secrets (poster and brochure) (1998)
We Don’t Want Full Employment, We Want Full Lives! (1998 French jobless revolt)
Notes and Reviews (1999):
       Josef Weber and Contemporary Issues
       The World Turned Upside Down
       Todd Gitlin on the Sixties
       A Clueless Life of Kenneth Rexroth
       How Not To Translate Situationist Texts
Evading the Transformation of Reality: Engaged Buddhism at an Impasse (1999)
A Look at Some of the Reactions to Public Secrets (2000)
Loren Goldner’s Website (2000)
The Poverty of Primitivism (2001)
Talking about Rexroth (2001)
Introduction to Secretos a Voces (2001)
Georges Brassens and the French “Renaissance of Song” (2003)
       Ballad of the Ladies of Bygone Times (Villon translation)
Gateway to the Vast Realms (2004)
Reflections on the Uprising in France (2006)
       Documents from the Anti-CPE Uprising
       Graffiti from the Anti-CPE Uprising
Anti-Prison Resources (2007)
Ten Years on the Web (2008)
A Little College Scores a Big Victory (2010)
A Good Chance to Legalize Marijuana (2010)
Adventurer Seeks Adventuress: Three Years of Online Dating (2011)
On the Occupy movement:
       The Awakening in America (2011)
       Yesterday in Oakland (2011)
       Welcome to the Oakland General Strike (2011)
       The Situationists and the Occupation Movements: 1968/2011 (2011)
       The Occupy Movement at Its Peak (2011)
       Looking Back on Occupy (2012)
Beyond Voting (2008/2010/2012/2016)
Out in the Open: Remarks on the Trump Election (2016)
Pregnant Pause: Remarks on the Corona Crisis (2020)
The Secret World of French Songs (2021)
Travel Diaries: 1971-2018 (2021)
Inventory of the Ken Knabb Papers at Yale (2022)
Book Discussion Groups (2023)

Praises, Polemics, and Clarifications

Selected Opinions about Ken Knabb:
Ken Knabb, the Situationist International, and the American Counterculture (Jean-Pierre Dep├ętris, 2008)
Rapid Responses (1999-present)

Earlier Texts Not Included in Public Secrets

Bureau Prehistory [publications of three early Bay Area situ groups] (1973)
Terry and the Situationists [comic publicizing the SI Anthology] (1981)
Dagwood on D├ętournement [ditto]
(For more comics at this website, see Detourned Comics.)