(Publications of three early Bay Area situationist groups)



Council for the Eruption of the Marvelous (1970)

In Honor of the Arrival of the Weathermen [critique of sacrificial militantism]
Billy Graham Presents [re the Chicago 8]
Fragmentary Opposition Is Like the Teeth of a Cogwheel
The Dance of Revolution
Is This Our Fate? [intervention in suburbia]
The End of CPE
You Are Wandering...
Godard in Berkeley [newspaper account of CEM disruption]
Address to Women’s Liberation
Gloria and Monica [pornographic comic]
“Great Moments in the Void” Trading Cards
On Wielding the Subversive Scalpel [pamphlet on tactics]
CEM Additions to On the Poverty of Student Life


Do We Need Snyder for Poet-Priest? [disruption of poetry reading]
In This Theater...
“Hello, Men!” [balloon to paste on sexually manipulative ads]
Riot and Representation: The Significance of the Chicano Riot [pamphlet falsely signed “by Herbert Marcuse”]
Pamphlet Fake, Marcuse Says [newspaper article]
Ode on the Absence of Real Poetry Here This Afternoon
A Critique of “On Wielding the Subversive Scalpel” by One of Its Authors
What Subversion Really Is


Bureaucratic Comix [re uprising in Poland]
Open Letter to John Zerzan, Anti-Bureaucrat of the S.F. Social Services Employees Union
“According to the Situationists . . .” [statement of Contradiction’s general perspectives: virtually identical to the 1965 SI statement]
Wildcat Comics [re San Francisco cable car strike]
Still Out of Order [re telephone strike]
Open Letter to Good Times
Methods for the Communalization of Confusion [critique of “Anti-Mass”]
Critique of the New Left Movement [unpublished drafts]:
          The Movement in General
          Antifascism and the Cybernetic Welfare State
          Yippies and Weathermen
          Communes and Collectives
          Women’s Liberation
On the Poverty of Hip Life [unpublished draft]