Тексты на русском

(Texti po russki)

(Texts in Russian)


Граффити мая 1968 года  [Graffiti may 1968 goda: May 1968 Graffiti]

Открытое письмо токийской группе «Libertaire»  [Otkritoe pismo tokiyskoi gruppe “Libertaire”: Open Letter to the Tokyo “Libertaire” Group] (1977)

Трещина в Иране  [Treschina v Irane: The Opening in Iran] (1978)

Банальности  [Banalnosti: Banalities] (1978)

Война и Зрелище  [Voina i zrelische: The War and the Spectacle] (1991)

РАДОСТЬ РЕВОЛЮЦИИ  [Radost Revolutsii: The Joy of Revolution] (1997) [complete text in PDF]

Same translation of The Joy of Revolution online at the SKT website: http://www.syndikalist.narod.ru/knabb.htm


NOTE: Except for the May 1968 Graffiti, the above texts were all translated into Russian by Eldar Sattarov. The SKT (Sibirskaya Konfederacia Truda/Siberian Workers Federation), an anarcho-syndicalist group based in Omsk, also published The Joy of Revolution translation as a small book (2002). That edition was soon sold out, but the translation was republished by Editorial URSS (Moscow, 2003), and that edition is still available. The SKT website also includes a Russian translation of Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle: http://www.syndikalist.narod.ru/debor.htm

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