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Rexroth Poems

This is just a small sampling of my favorite Rexroth poems. If you enjoy them, please treat yourself to the various collections published by New Directions, or better yet to the new Complete Poems (Copper Canyon Press).

The date following each poem is the first known publication date. When two dates are given, the earlier one is the probable date of composition. Notes and copyright information are at the bottom of each page.


Rexroth’s Prefaces to His Volumes of Poetry

The Thin Edge of Your Pride
From The Homestead Called Damascus
From A Prolegomenon to a Theodicy

Another Early Morning Exercise
From the Paris Commune to the Kronstadt Rebellion
Requiem for the Spanish Dead
On What Planet
Climbing Milestone Mountain
Autumn in California
August 22, 1939

Between Two Wars
Again at Waldheim
Delia Rexroth
Andrée Rexroth
When We With Sappho
The Advantages of Learning
Inversely, as the Square of Their Distances Apart
A Letter to William Carlos Williams
The Signature of All Things

1940s (long poems)
From The Phoenix and the Tortoise

From The Dragon and the Unicorn

For Eli Jacobson
Thou Shalt Not Kill
From A Bestiary
The Bad Old Days
Portrait of the Author as a Young Anarchist
They Say This Isn’t a Poem
Fish Peddler and Cobbler
Homer in Basic

Two Jazz Poems
This Night Only
The Wheel Revolves
Travelers in Erewhon
Oaxaca 1925
From The Heart’s Garden, The Garden’s Heart

From The Silver Swan
From The Love Poems of Marichiko
From On Flower Wreath Hill
As the full moon rises . . .

All these Rexroth poems are copyright 2003 by Copper Canyon Press. Reproduced by permission of Copper Canyon Press and New Directions Publishing Corp.






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