Essays and Reviews by Kenneth Rexroth


        Introduction to Bird in the Bush: Obvious Essays

        Africa’s Destroyed Civilization       
       The Unchristian Crusades
        The Sicilian Vespers 
        Gibbon’s Letters
        Francis Parkman 
        Harold Gilliam’s San Francisco Bay

        The Social Lie
        Richard Wright and the Persistence of Racism
        Disengagement: The Art of the Beat Generation
        Beginnings of a New Revolt
        The Making of the Counterculture
        The Heat
        Urbanism and Community Planning

        My Head Gets Tooken Apart
        Citizen Fromm

        American Indian Songs       
        Some Thoughts on Jazz
        Five More Articles on Jazz
        Jazz Poetry
        Subversive Aspects of Popular Songs

Western Literature:
        Greek Tragedy in Translation
        On Translating Roman Verse
        Tragedy and Philosophy
        William Blake
        Coleridge and Zen?
        Baudelaire’s Ennobling Revulsion
        Rimbaud as Capitalist Adventurer
        The Victorian Conspiracy of Cant
        Henry James and H.G. Wells
        Ford Madox Ford
        Blaise Cendrars
        The Cubist Poetry of Pierre Reverdy
        Surrealist Poetry
        The Influence of French Poetry on American
        Poetry, Regeneration, and D.H. Lawrence
        D.H. Lawrence: The Other Face of the Coin
        Samuel Beckett and the Importance of Waiting
        Lawrence Durrell
        Isaac Bashevis Singer
        Two Talks on Poetry and Society
        The Poet as Translator
        Ten Influential Books
        The Art of Literature (Encyclopaedia Britannica article)
        The Bollingen Series
        The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren

American Literature:
        Mark Twain
        The Decline of American Humor
        The Reality of Henry Miller
        Henry Miller: The Iconoclast as Everyman’s Friend
        Kenneth Patchen, Naturalist of the Public Nightmare
        The Poetry of Eli Siegel
        The New American Poetry
        Jack Kerouac
        Allen Ginsberg in America
        The Authentic Joy of Philip Whalen
        Gary Snyder: Smokey the Bear Bodhisattva

Western Art:
        Turner: Painting as an Organism of Light
        Turner and Whistler
        The Letters of Van Gogh
        The Heroic Object and Fernand Léger
        Mark Tobey: Painter of the Humane Abstract
        The Visionary Painting of Morris Graves

Western Religion:
        The Holy Kabbalah
        Thomas More’s Utopia
The Spiritual Alchemy of Thomas Vaughan
        Lamennais: From Reaction to Revolution
        The Evolution of Anglo-Catholicism
        The Catholic Modernists
        The Hasidism of Martin Buber
        Simone Weil
        The New English Bible

Eastern Literature and Culture:
        Greeks and Buddhists in Afghanistan 
        Sung Dynasty Culture
        The Tao of Painting
        Science and Civilization in China
       Matteo Ricci’s China Journals
        The Chinese Classic Novel
        Japanese Literature
        The World of Genji
        Japanese Noh Plays
        Haiku and Japanese Religion
        Lafcadio Hearn and Japanese Buddhism
        Six Japanese Novelists
        The Poetry of the Far East in a General Education
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