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Тексты на русском

(Texti po russki)

(Texts in Russian)


Граффити мая 1968 года  [Graffiti may 1968 goda: May 1968 Graffiti]

Открытое письмо токийской группе «Libertaire»  [Otkritoe pismo tokiyskoi gruppe “Libertaire”: Open Letter to the Tokyo “Libertaire” Group] (1977)

Трещина в Иране  [Treschina v Irane: The Opening in Iran] (1978)

Банальности  [Banalnosti: Banalities] (1978)

Война и Зрелище  [Voina i zrelische: The War and the Spectacle] (1991)

РАДОСТЬ РЕВОЛЮЦИИ  I глава  [Radost Revolutsii: The Joy of Revolution (Chapter 1)] (1997)

РАДОСТЬ РЕВОЛЮЦИИ  [Radost Revolutsii: The Joy of Revolution (complete text in PDF format)] (1997)

Except for the May 1968 Graffiti, these texts have all been translated into Russian by Eldar Sattarov. Those listed above are located at this website. The complete translation of The Joy of Revolution is also available at the SKT website (see below). The SKT (
Sibirskaya Konfederacia Truda — Siberian Workers Federation), an anarcho-syndicalist group based in Omsk, has also published this translation as a small book (now sold out). Editorial URSS has published a second edition of it (Moscow, 2003). The SKT website also includes a Russian translation of Guy Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle.

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РАДОСТЬ РЕВОЛЮЦИИ  [The Joy of Revolution (complete translation)] http://www.syndikalist.narod.ru/knabb.htm




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